Terms and Conditions

By booking a massage with us you agree to the following terms

  • Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or rearrange your booking or you may be liable for the cost of the cancelled booking and at minimum a $25 booking fee. 
  • If you have cold / flu symptoms please let me know in advance as this is a flu free zone to protect the clients and the staff. 
  • Any refunds can take 5-10 business days to appear on your account. 
  • Please ensure you arrive on time or this may affect the length of your treatment as there will be clients waiting after you. If you are more than 15 mins late then your booking will have to be rearranged and a fee may be taken to cover costs. 
  • Allow 5-10 minutes for completing health history forms to ensure saftey and a sound treatment plan.
  • Please advise if any allergies, pregnant, medications, surgery and injuries or any other condition that may affect the massage.
  • The therapist can refuse a massage if your health history form shows any contraindications.
  • The Therapist can refuse a massage if there is any indication of misconduct from the client.
  • Payment can be made in cash or card payment. 
  • (For Mobile services) The therapist will discuss travel distances and if there are any parking costs incurred. This will be added to your service price.
  • (For Mobile Services) Please ensure there is adequate space for a massage table at your residence and suitable parking and access.
  • This is a strictly non- sexual service and there is Zero tolerance on this matter. If there is any form of misconduct or  issues regarding the safety of the therapist the authorities will be called immediately and your details passed on. 
  • The therapist will ensure correct draping is ensured throughout the treatment. Underwear will be worn at all times. 
  • The Massage therapist cannot diagnose, if there is any concern you will be immediately referred. 
  • This is a service for adults over the age of 21. If you require service for minors a responsible adult will be required to be present throughout the whole treatment. 
  • You must inform the therapist if you have any contagious skin conditions that could affect the health of the therapist.

Book Online

You can easily arrange your booking with our online booking system. 

Health Fund Rebates

  • Health fund rebates are for remedial clients only, they are not eligible for relaxation massage.
  • Remedial massage will include a full health assessment in accordance with the T&C's of the Health Fund Providers
  • The Massage Therapist will maintain a comprehensive and accurate patient record and comply with the applicable laws, including the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988.
  • Patient records are retained for a minimum of 7 years. 
  • Medibank may request patient information for Auditing purposes to ensure all parties are compliant, you will agree to the terms and conditions stated in your health funds. 
  • Clients will ask questions, provide correct information, and check their health fund Terms and Conditions which will allow the therapist to operate with safe treatment and compliance that will ensure the safety of both client and therapist and to protect the business Live and Let Go Massage Therapy and all parties.