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Sports Massage needs to be responsive to many  factors and the techniques used will vary greatly. You see Massage  Therapists working alongside sporting teams and Physiotherapists on the  side of a sporting arena or at the end of a marathon.
​Sports Massage  is recognised by elite sports teams to help benefit the individual and  team. As this is a complex subject we will just list some of the basics,  and if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.  

Pre and post event massage:

Depending on where you are in your training will mean the massage will be tailored to that time frame. 

  • ​Pre  Event- This massage will not be deep tissue. The needs for the athlete  at this time is to relax, focus and improve blood flow. If you are about  to run onto a pitch for example the technique will be a very energetic  fast Swedish massage designed to get you focussed and pumped to run onto  that pitch! If it is a day before we can go a little deeper and use  slow Swedish- we do not want to cause tenderness or change in the muscle  that can effect performance. 
  • During- can be more like a flush,  so get the circulation going or to relieve some pain or free up a  ceased joint. It may also include some taping if an injury is  sustained. 
  • Post- Your muscles are tender and sore. This is now the recovery stage. 

Events, Charities and Community events:

 If you  are in a sporting team, community event or marathon we would love to  hear from you because at the heart of this business is a focus on  community spirit, wellbeing and support. We  are happy to volunteer at Charity events such as fun runs, marathons,  group events, raffle prizes and have already donated our time to Weekend  to End Woman's Cancer. If you have a charity, local team or event we  would love to hear from you.  

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Effective Sports Massage is key to athlete recovery to maintain peak performance.