Corporate massage

Staff Wellness Programmes

Incorporate Corporate Massage into your business for your workplace wellness plan, business function, Charity or Expo.
All our massage therapists are experienced, qualified and fully insured so you know you are in safe hands. All bookings are for a minimum of 2 hours. We provide all the equipmentand tailor our packages to suit your business needs. 
Here are some ideas that Massage Therapy can be a solution for your business:

  • Business functions, morning tea and spots days
  • Wellness programmes
  • Staff Appreciation 
  • Charity events
  • Fund raisers
  • Health Awareness days/ Mindfullness
  • Business achievements and celebrations 


Corporate EXPO's and Trade shows & Convention Centre

If your business is attending an expo what greater way to grab the attention of your clients than having a Massage Therapist offering 5/10 minute on demand chair massages! Reel your clients in, get them relaxed then engage them with your sales pitch. "We've got your back" and "You're in safe hands" are popular attention grabbing slogans. 
On occasion we have been hired to raise money at an event for a charity that the business champions.


Corporate massage - How it works

Desk to Desk

You can arrange a massage Therpaist to move around the office on a roving "desk to desk" basis. This is perfect for large call centre operations where staff have to remain at their workstations. The massages are usually 5-10 minutes long and staff can opt in or out as there therapist moves around the work space. People report that even 5 minutes of touch therapy gives them a sense of overall wellbeing and reduction in stress and shoulder tension.  

Seated Massage

If you have a meeting room or wellness space in your workplace the Massage Therpaist can set up a massage chair, music if appropriate and offer massages ranging from 10-20 mins depending on your arrangement. Usually a schedule is made and staff will put their names next to a time slot. This is an effective way for staff to get away from their work stations and for a more in-depth  therapeutic effect. 

Table Massage

The ultimate luxury in the work place. Our therapists can set up a temporary massage studio in your office! As long as they have access to a hand washing station, and can ensure privacy for the participants why not indulge your staff in a relaxation massage from 30 - 60 minutes of escape! The massages will be relaxation (no remedial massages will be provided) There will be a maximum of 6 participants for this service and our Therapists will require access for parking for them to safely transport their equipment. 

Convention Centre

The massage therapist will arrive with a massage chair, and you can also provide them with  your company promotional t-shirt. They can provide on demand event massage for your potential clients and is a fantastic way to get attention and show your clients you care and are investing into them. The Therapist will also actively invite people to try a corporate massage and is a perfect way for you to strike up a conversation to get your sales pitch. 

Regular Arrangements

Many offices now  recognise the need for ongoing staff support in health and wellness and activly participate in regular ongoing corporate massage solutions.  You can arrange a Massage Therpaist to attend as often as you like from weekly, fortnightly, monthly or throughout the year on specific events. This is the ultimate package for your wellness programme and a cost effective way to invest in your wellness programme. 

Our Therapists

Massage Therapists are all about wellbeing and each of your staff members will be treated as an individual and with ultimate respect and ethics regardless if its a 5 min massage at their work stations to a 20 minute massage in the wellness room. Each of our therapists are qualified and insured and vetted by Clare the owner of Live and Let Go Massage so ensure quality and top class customer service from booking to massage. We will also follow up with feedback requests to ensure we maintain our top class service. 

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Arrange a seated massage service in your office for your staff wellbeing programme. 

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